Dance Assessments

Pointe in dance is an exciting progression for young girls, but must be approached with caution and with professional guidance and expertise.  At Physical Therapy, we cater to the needs of Pre-Pointe dancers.

Physical Therapy’s Pre-Pointe Screening assesses posture, range of motion, turnout strength, pelvic stability and alignment, mobility of the foot, core control and ballet technique to ensure that dancers are able tor each their potential and strengths in ballet.

It is important to assess a dancer before they proceed to Pointe to make the transition safer and more rewarding.

Dance screenings are now required prior to auditioning for many tertiary dance programs in Australia.  Following the assessment consultation, we offer a formal report for presentation.  This individualised report is designed to address concerns identified in the assessment in order to optimize improvements, reach full potential and minimize risk of injury and harm.

Services we provide for dancers include:

  • Pre-Pointe & Postural Assessments
  • Follow Up Post Appointment Fitting
  • Screening Assessment
  • Dance-focused Conditioning Programs
  • Injury Assessment & Management