David Becconsall

Principal Physiotherapist


Bachelor App. Sc.  – Physiotherapy
Bachelor App. Sc. – Human Movement
Assoc. Dip. – Sports Science

About Me

My career as a physiotherapist has been full of experiences and presented its challenges. I have enjoyed the development of a sports focussed physiotherapy practice in Stadium Physiotherapy (my first practice) from 1997-2010.  I always felt that when you enter a rehabilitation facility it should feel like that is where you’re meant to be for your health care. The converted house never appealed to me so I set up Stadium Physiotherapy as a rehabilitation facility catering to a predominantly private clientele. I have a strong sports interest from my years as a rugby player and I continued this interest into my professional career. I have been fortunate to work with many sporting teams and organisations in my career at all levels from local competition and junior teams through to an international level in multiple sports.
Some of the teams I have been fortunate to work with over the years include:

  •     NSW Country Rugby Union - U17, U19, U21s, and the Country Cockatoos
  •     NSW Women’s Rugby
  •     NSW Rugby League - State of Origin
  •     Illawarra Steelers, St. George Illawarra Rugby League,
  •     Illawarra Rugby Union Reps- Illawarriors
  •     Wollongong Hawks Basketball,
  •     Perth Wildcats Basketball
  •     Wollongong Wolves Soccer Club.

I have worked with professional and amateur teams in their normal competition and on tour. There have been many high points in my career including: an appointment by Australian Rugby Union for the 2003 Rugby World Cup- Manager of Physiotherapy Services, 2000 Olympic Games- Physiotherapist and 2002 Commonwealth Games- Physiotherapist. I have also been appointed physiotherapist for State Hockey Championships and State Netball Championships.

The highlight of my sports physiotherapy career has been my appointment as the Physiotherapist for the International Rugby Board. It is a great honour to be the only Australian Physiotherapist to have held this title. I was responsible for the fitness and injury management program for the international Rugby Union referees and setting fitness standards for all national unions worldwide. This was a great time in my career travelling and working with different cultures with a common interest in Rugby at the highest level. I maintain a consultant role with international sporting organisations including the IRB.

In 2007 the opportunity to expand on Stadium Physiotherapy's services was the next step in business for me (and a way for my dearest wife to keep me at home!)
I opened Physical Therapy in 2007 setting out to offer a unique facility and the highest quality rehabilitation and health services in the Illawarra. Over the last five years Physical Therapy has grown significantly with a philosophy of focusing our energy on service to our patients and clients. It has been a busy career to date and I look forward to the opportunities and the challenges ahead.

I maintain a strong interest in sport, sports injuries and mainstream physiotherapy however in response to a community service need and at the request of local medical specialists I have developed skills in the management of Tempromandibular Joint Dysfunction and facial pain. I have also completed professional accreditation in the management of Vertigo, Vestibular disorders and balance these are some of the more unusual areas in physiotherapy that cross into the realms of ENT and neurology, patients present with different sorts of problems to the usual and it is a very rewarding to help patients that are suffering from debilitating conditions.

I aspire to be respected by others: my colleagues, my staff, and my patients. I am committed to our community and enjoy volunteer and charity work. I want Physical Therapy to be the place where people feel welcome to come even if it is to just ask a question regarding their health.

I believe a life in the service of others is a life worth living.

Getting to know your physiotherapist

Were you named after anyone?

Not anyone famous

Mountain hideaway or beach house?

Beach House to live, mountain hideaway for the trout fishing

Favourite sports to watch?

I’ll watch all sport, but I’m passionate about Rugby

Most influential world leader?

Dali lama

Summer or winter?

Summer for Fishing, Winter for Skiing

Computer or television?


Do you have a special talent?

I can cast a 5 weight fly rod 100 feet and hit a bucket. I’ve never caught a fish at the end of a 100 foot cast so it’s pretty useless but I’m happy with it.

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